Various Events at KSC

2-5th Jan 16:

Modern Contemporary Art Exhibition by Himachal Shree Ravi Gurung in association with Kalimpong Science Centre at Kalimpong Girls HS School, Kalimpong.


25-27 Jan 2016:
Participated in “Krishi Bagwani Mela" 2016, organized by GTA at Seedfarm, Kalimpong from 25th-27th Janaury' 2016 where live demonstration on rainwater harvesting system was exhibited.


2-5th February’ 2016: Technology Week’ 2016:
Participated in “Technology Week’ 2016”, organized Darjeeling Krishi Bigyan Kendra, Kalimpong in association with Directorate of Cinchona & Other Medicinal Plants, Mungpoo at Football Ground, Mungpoo from 2-5th February' 2016 where Centre demonstrated live exhibition of rainwater harvesting system. 

28th Feb’ 2016: National Science Day-
Kalimpong Science Centre has observed National Science Day and on this occasion, the Centre has released KSC Newsletter & YouTube KSC Science Channel. The newsletter and science channel will be release in monthly system.   







8th April’ 2106:
Kalimpong Science Centre has observed World Health Day with the following programs: 

*Inter-School Level Painting Competition
*Release of 2nd issue KSC Newsletter and YouTube KSC Science Channel
* Lecture on "Health & Hygiene" by Dr. S.K Singh, Kalimpong Sub-Divisional Hospital




24th April ‘2016:
News published in local news paper-Himalaya Darpan.

11th May’ 2016: National Technology Day 2016-

Every year, `National Technology Day' is celebrated across India on May 11; being commemorated to memorize the anniversary of Shakti, the Pokhran nuclear test held on 11 May 1998. The day glorifies the importance of science in day to day life and motivates students to adopt science as the career option.

Kalimpong Science Centre has celebrated "National Technology Day on 11th May' 2016 with following programs:

1.      Talks on "Film making Technology" by Panu Loksum, Cinematographer, Kalimpong
2. Talks on briquette by Mahendra Chhetri, Himlayan Bio-Organic Society, Kalimpong


18th May' 2016:
Kalimpong Science Centre in association with Ganesh High School, Kalimpong has organized a Quiz Competition for the students of same school

5th June' 2016:

Kalimpong Science Centre observed World Environment Day. On this occasion, all the staff of the Centre has participated in Safai Abhiyan (Clean Mission) and took active participation in cleaning the area from Deolo Fatak up the main gate of the Centre.  

5th August’ 2016:
Kalimpong Science Centre has organized Painting Competition and Open House Quiz for the school students of 11th Mile Junior Basic School, Kalimpong. 


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