Indoor Exhibits                                          

Fun Science Gallery

Fun Science Gallery as the name depicts has a lot of easy to use and understandable exhibits that one is tempted to come and play with them, and explore them and learn the various secrets of scientific phenomena.

One can see the various aspects of the pendulum, objects defying gravity, optical gadgets, optical illusion, rolling balls, fun mirror, light producing colour shadows and there is a kaleidoscope that makes varied geometric pattern etc. One can also capture own shadow and leaves it behind.



Here one can find all of computerized scientific gadgets that have made survival in the modern world easy. One can see as well as find out when and how these gadgets came to existence and who developed it. It also provides audio-visual media through which local people as well as students can understand the use of these gadgets in the various arenas. There is a blue tooth printer which is a latest technology added to the scientific world. There is a phone where you can hear the voice of J. J. Thomson explaining of discovery of electrons. One can learn the binary digits and the binary code. One can learn about bar code reader and learn how the bard code reader identifies various products and their prices.




Here as you pass from the fun science gallery to the digital gallery you will pass through a digital corridor where you will find your image on the adjacent walls in the form of bright red small light covering the area of the shadow caused by you.  Your bright red shadow is bound to startle you.  It is really a scientific wonder.