Various Events at KSC

Educational Activitiess

Event: The Kalimpong Science Centre was inaugurated on 2nd October’2008 by Shri B. L. Meena, IAS, Hon’ble Administrator-Darjeeling Gorkha Hill Council in the presence of Shri Surendra Gupta, IAS, Principal Secretary- Darjeeling Gorkha Hill Council, Smt. D. L. Phinzo, Secretary, Dept. of Education-DGHC, and Mr. P. T. Sherpa, S. D. O.-Kalimpong. After the inauguration, the Kalimpong Science Centre has been organizing various education related activities in order to promote the science and technology among the common masses particular, in students. The programs organized by Kalimpong Science Centre are:

6th December 2008: Kalimpong Sub- Divisional Level Inter–School Sit & Draw Competition

School that participated in the events was:-

1.      Snow Drop Nursery School, Kalimpong.
2.      Bal Yuwa Primary School, Kalimpong.
3.      Goodwill Academy, Kalimpong.
4.      Chandra Maya High School, Kalimpong.
5.      St. Peters School, Kalimpong.
6.      Pagang Gumpa High School, Kalimpong.
7.      St. Philomena School, Kalimpong.
8.      St. Joseph’s Convent, Kalimpong.
9.      Dr. Graham’s Homes, Kalimpong.
10.  Springdale Academy, Kalimpong.
11.  B.M. High School, Kalimpong.

The program was divided into 3(three) levels:

a.      Sub – Junior Level.
b.      Junior Level.
c.       Middle Level.

There was 46 Participants on total. The winner i.e. 1st, 2nd, 3rd was awarded with trophies and certificates.

The chief guest of the day was Mr. Kumar Bhusal (WBCS), Secretary, Kalimpong Branch Secretariat, Darjeeling Gorkha Hill Council, Kalimpong.

Name of the winner in the Sub-Junior Level

1st- Aliza Lepcha, Chandra Maya Primary School, Pudung, Kalimpong
2nd- Mandira Subba, Chandra Maya Primary School, Pudung, Kalimpong
3rd – Nelema Balkoti, Snow Drop Nursery School, Upeer Echhay, Kalimpong

Name of the winner in the Junior Level

1st – Sayujya Ghatani, St. Philomena School, Kalimpong
2nd – Umme H. Faisal, St. Joseph’s Convent, kalimpong
3rd – Amar Furung, Chandra Maya Primary School, Pudung, Kalimpong 

Name of the winner in the Middle Level

1st – Sanjeet Rai, B.M. High School, Lava, Kalimpong
2nd – Edu Sherpa, Dr. Graham’s Homes, Kalimpong
3rd – Anmol Rai, Dr. Graham’s Homes, Kalimpong 

30th December 2008 to 6th January 2009: Art Exhibition.

In this “Art Exhibition” Artist from Kalimpong, Darjeeling, Siliguri, Dooars and Sikkim had participated. The chief guest of the day was Mrs. D. L. Phinzo (WBCS), Secretary, Dept. of Education -Darjeeling Gorkha Hill Council.

Name of the artists who participated in the “Art Exhibition” organized by Kalimpong Science Centre was:

1. P. K. Rai (Mungpoo)
2. Ganesh Pradhan (Mungpoo)
3. Santosh Pradhan (Siliguri)
4. Bhakta Pariyar (Kalimpong)
5. Hem Khawas (Gangtok)
6. Passang Sherpa (Namchi)
7. Kishore Rai (Namchi)
8. Krishna Rai (Namchi)
9. Kamal Rai (w. Sikkim)
10. Sagar Rai (Gangtok)
11. Deepa Rai (Gangtok)
12. Djiraj Pradhan (Sikkim)
13. Karan Rarna Pradhan (Kalimpong)
14. Nayandra Lama (Darjeeling)
15. Tika Pradhan (Kalimpong)
16. Richard Lepach (Kalimpong)
17. Pirem (Kalimpong)
18. Richard G. Lepach (Kalimpong)
19. Tulsha Basore (Kalimpong)
20. Kiden Bhutia (Kalimpong)
21. Anila Chemjong (Kalimpong)
22. Dharma (Kalimpong)
23. Biswajit Das (Kalimpong)
24. Ramesh Karal (Kalimpong)
25. Asheem Sagar (Kalimpong)
26. Phinjo Sherpa (Darjeeling)
27. Bobby Blown Wylde (Darjeeling)
28. Ratan (Kalimpong)
29. Paul Bhutia (Darjeeling)
30. Kumar Chettri (Darjeeling)
31. Aleen Lepcha (Kurseong)
32. Ajay Thapa (Dooars)
33. Amir Thapa (Dooars)
34. Amir Sundas (Dooars)
35. Deven Dewan (Dooars)
36. Kalpana Pradhan (Dooars)

All the participants were awarded with Certificate of Honour”.

Some paintings which were exhibited in the exhibition are shown below:

1.      Paining by Hem Khawas (Gangtok)
2.      Paul Bhutia (Darjeeling)
3.      Painting by Mr. I. B. Subba (Kalimpong)
4.      Pirem (Kalimpong)
5.      Painting by Ashim Sagar (Kalimpong)
6.      Painting by P. K. Rai (Mungpoo)