Outdoor Exhibits                                         

Science Park

Outside the Exhibition Hall and in the open air, the Science Park with lush green where peoples come close to nature and interact with the specially designed exhibits placed in the garden.  There are various exhibits in the science park where the peoples are bound to get enchanted by the various exhibits and the huge sized Dinosaurs.  One can imagine the process of evolution, which is still continuing comparing our present day animals to these prehistoric animals.  The Dinosaur Park is sure to attract visitors of all age groups.

Here one can find various exhibits on simple mechanics sound, optics, pendulums etc.  One can operate levers of different classes and experiment with various pulleys, reflectometer of sound, and enjoy the sympathetic swing.  Look through a camera obscure, and above all one can lift himself and check his own weight.  One can learn how difficult it is to move through a spider web and imagine the adaptability of a spider.  The young hearts are bound to learn the basic principles of science while playing with these exhibits.  There is also a medicinal garden. Brought from different locations the medicinal plants are sure to increase the knowledge with regards to their habitat and medicinal values